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Peru offers amazing sceneries still wrapped in a mysterious atmosphere.

Its heterogeneous and imposing nature provides several natural environments, such as wide plains, deep valleys, high mountains and majestic lowlands. Enjoying this natural richness is easy and safe in its wonderful national parks. Moreover, here, it is possible to admire rare and unique animal and vegetable species, typical of this geographical area.

Peru is the perfect destination to discover the charm and the magnificence of the Pre-Columbian Empires. Indeed, this country was part of the Inca Empire, and it is full of remains, which can be admired in the beautiful archaeological sites.

Do not miss the chance to sail in one of the highest lakes in the world, Titicaca, to be astonished by Cola Canyon, over which the condors fly, to visit the White City (Arequipa), with its well-preserved colonial buildings, and to find a right answer to some mysteries, such as the one of the Nazca lines.

Peru offers several ideas to experience unforgettable vacations, both in terms of nature and culture. Discover the tailormade tours and holidays proposed by our travel experts, and personalize them according to your personal style, in order to make your journey unique.

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