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Are you dreaming of a trip that combines pristine nature, safaris and luxury camps? Then Botswana is the destination for you! Our local travel experts will guide you in this unique country: set off on the ultimate safari experience and meet the Big 5 in the parks of Botswana with us.  

This little gem of Southern Africa is a real natural paradise, gently caressed by the golden sands of Kalahari desert. Botswana is famous for the marvelous Okavango Delta, one of the most unusual ecosystems in the world. This flood plain, formed by Okavango river and punctuated by small marshy islands, can be explored on a mokoro, a small traditional boat used by local people, admiring the great African wildlife on the banks.

If you don't want animals to be missing on your vacation, take a tour of the grand national parks, such as Chobe and Nxai Pan or Mokolodi reserve. You'll find that Botswana is really the perfect destination for travelers who want to get lost in nature and leave behind the frenzy and grey atmosphere of the city. After spending fabulous days in the natural environment and in close contact with the local population, at night you can relax in luxury camps and lodges spread all over the savannah.

Follow our advice: your tailormade tour will be impossible to forget. 

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  • 5 things you didn't know about Botswana

    Botswana is the most lasting African democracy. It's an independent state since 1966 and since then it has always enjoyed a relative political stability, without clashes between ethnic groups nor coups unlike in many other African states. The government also initiated environmental protection policies, for which 17% of the territory is natural reserve, imposing limits on tourism to preserve intact its natural landscapes, of which the most spectacular and the most famous example is the Okavango Delta (see image below).
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Why visit Botswana

Botswana, located in Southern Africa, is a magical land, the perfect destination for anyone looking for close contact with nature, dream safaris and luxury camps in the savannah.

Its territory features a tableland and the expanses of Kalahari desert, being washed only by two river basins, Okavango and Limpopo. Its climate is very hot, almost desert, with little precipitations and high temperature excursions. During a holiday in Botswana you will have the chance to view many animal species (the world-famous Big 5). Furthermore, the governments has established many national parks and protected areas over the last few years: here you can admire the genuine beauty of this land. But what makes this country unique is Okavango Delta, an immense flood plain formed by the river bearing the same name, punctuated by small masrhy islands that you can explore on a mokoro, a little traditional boat used by the locals.

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