Questo tour copre tutti i luoghi di maggiore interesse dell'Argentina: Buenos Aires, la capitale, con le sue interessanti attrazioni e attività da svolgere, le Cascate Iguazu, meta popolare in tutto il mondo ed El Calafate, punto di accesso al ghiacciaio Perito Moreno.

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Questo tour copre tutti i luoghi di maggiore interesse dell'Argentina: Buenos Aires, la capitale, con le sue interessanti attrazioni e attività da svolgere, le Cascate Iguazu, meta popolare in tutto il mondo ed El Calafate, punto di accesso al ghiacciaio Perito Moreno.

Il viaggio comprende:

  • Tour di Buenos Aires
  • Ghiacciaio Perito Moreno con safari nautico
  • Visita delle spettacolari cascate Iguazu (sul lato brasiliano e argentino)


Riepilogo di viaggio

  • Tipologia viaggio Viaggio su misura
  • Partenza Buenos Aires
  • Conclusione Buenos Aires
  • Paesi
    • Argentina
  • Città
    • Buenos Aires
    • Cascate dell'Iguazù
    • El Calafate
  • Tema Natura selvaggia
  • Sistemazione Standard
  • Volo Escluso
  • Guida Compresa
  • Il tour ha soddisfatto i nostri standard

Itinerario dettagliato

Apri tutto
  • 1
    Arrival Buenos Aires
    Day 1

    Arrivo all'aeroporto di Buenos Aires e trasferimento al vostro alloggio. 

    Località visitate:
    • Buenos Aires
  • 2
    Tour di Buenos Aires
    Day 2
    Arrival at Buenos Aires airport and transfer to your accommodation. 


    Località visitate:
    • Buenos Aires
  • 3
    Buenos Aires – Iguassu + Brazilian Falls
    Day 3

    Transfer to the domestic airport. Flight to Iguassu. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. During the afternoon you will visit the spectacular Iguassu Falls in Brazil. Departure from the hotel towards the Foz do Iguassu National Park. The Iguaçu National Park, in Brazil, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, two years after the name of the Iguazú National Park, in Argentina.
    The IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment) manages this Park and it is currently in the process of revitalization, like the Parque Argentino.
    The visiting area is made up of a single walkway circuit that faces the falls, offering a truly impressive panoramic view. The circuit measures 1,200 meters with steps that make it impossible to use a wheelchair. At the end of the circuit there is an elevator. The staircase to ascend has 130 steps in 220 meters in length. 

    Località visitate:
    • Buenos Aires
    • Cascate dell'Iguazù
  • 4
    Iguassu Falls: Argentine side
    Day 4
    It is one of the most impressive walks in the whole world, ideal for those who find in intimate contact with nature the best way to relate to life.
    The circuit takes place in a landscape observation walk, in which we will enter the geological formation of the Iguazú Falls from different observation points, living the experience of contact with this natural environment, which will allow us to appreciate how, constantly and for millions of years, more than 200 waterfalls form a natural event that places the human being in a unique and unrepeatable context.
    The key is to start the excursion in the morning to increase the possibilities of observing the infinite manifestations of life and the vast diversity of species that inhabit the place: among which stand out multitudes of birds, butterflies, mammals, flowers and plants that give an exceptional framework for this experience. The objective of this walk is to make the most of the time outdoors and impregnate ourselves with the full potential of our senses from the conjunction of natural sounds, images, colors and aromas characteristic of the jungle.
    This is achieved by taking a walk, with harmony, dedication, and without haste so that each visitor can fully enjoy each of the places that are visited.
    The itinerary consists of three totally different routes with different areas of observation guided and coordinated under these instructions by guides from National Parks and naturalists who carry out their work under this objective vision of bringing man closer to nature and vice versa.
    We suggest the following optional excursions:
    Great Adventure
    Località visitate:
    • Cascate dell'Iguazù
  • 5
    Iguassu – El Calafate
    Day 5

    Transfer to the airport. Flight to Calafate. Transfer to your hotel.


    Località visitate:
    • Cascate dell'Iguazù
    • El Calafate
  • 6
    Perito Moreno Glacier with nautic safari
    Day 6

    The tour begins in the morning, departing from the city of El Calafate. After a journey of 80 km we arrive at the viewpoint area, with walkways and balconies facing the Perito Moreno Glacier. The walkways have viewpoint balconies on different levels, which allow varying perspectives of the impressive glacier and landscape. The viewpoints are connected by ramps and stairways which can be walked during the excursion.
    The excursion is complemented with a short navigation of 1 hour. This excursion allows for an up-close view of the glacier. The boat navigates within 150 meters of the glacier!
    We suggest the following optional excursions:

    Minitrekking in Moreno Glacier

    Località visitate:
    • El Calafate
  • 7
    Day at leisure in El Calafate
    Day 7
    Day at leisure. You can choose some optional excursions to discover the city or walk during all day to mix with locals.  
    We suggest the following optional excursions:
    Ice Rivers express
    Gourmet Navigation to the Glaciers
    Ranch day at Estancia Nibepo Aike
    Località visitate:
    • El Calafate
  • 8
    El Calafate - Buenos Aires
    Day 8

    Trasferimento in aeroporto, volo per Buenos Aires, arrivo e trasferimento in hotel. 

    Località visitate:
    • El Calafate
    • Buenos Aires
  • 9
    Buenos Aires
    Day 9

    Transfer to the airport to board your return flight.


    Località visitate:
    • Buenos Aires
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    • Asssitenza 24 ore su 24
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