The most beautiful beaches in Mexico and where to find them

September 18, 2019

Mexico boasts enchanting coastlines for an unforgettable beach holiday: discover the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, from well equipped to wild and pristine ones.

Catamaran in the Mexican sea

A good reason to visit Mexico, apart from the Mayan pyramids and the colonial towns, is given by its beautiful beaches!

From the Caribbean shores of the Mayan Riviera to the wild rocky coastline of Baja California, Mexico boasts amazing beaches for a memorable seaside stay, even for a honeymoon!

Mexico tour with seaside extension: where to go

After an intensive sightseeing tour through the most beautiful cities, top off your adventure with a seaside stay. Here are some of the best beaches in Mexico to end your trip.


Tulum is one of the most famous seaside destinations in Mexico: lying on a white-sand shore lapped by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, it even hosts some Mayan ruins overlooking the waves.

Ifyou love snorkeling and diving, hereyou'llfindyourparadise, thanks to seabottomswhich are home to the secondlargestcoralreef in the world. Tulumisnotonlyoneof the mostbeautifulbeaches in Mexico, itisprobablyoneof the best on the planet.

Tulum beach.


Top destination on the Mayan Riviera, you will be spoilt for choice in Cancún: there are over 20 km of white sand beach! The waters are calm for swimming and snorkeling.

The city is full of equipped beaches, accommodations, bars and restaurants, but if you prefer to relax in a wild untame bay head to Playa Delfines, one of the few free beaches.

A beach in Cancun.

Right opposite Cancún is Isla Mujeres, an island only 8 km long, so called by the Spaniards because of some feminine statues found beside a temple dedicated to the goddess of fertility.

If you have enough time to reach it, consider that the most beautiful beaches are located south. One of the most evocative is Playa Paraiso with Mundaca Fortress overlooking the sea.

A beach in Isla Mujeres.

Playa del Carmen

Not far from Tulum is another gem of the Mayan Riviera: Playa del Carmen, famous for its nightlife and shopping venues.

The beaches are typically Caribbean, with shallow transparent waters where the bottom is visible. Opposite Playa del Carmen is Cozumel, popular for its sea bottoms appreciated by scuba divers.

Beach in Playa del Carmen.


Holbox is a small island in the Caribbean Sea off the Yucatan coast, where there are no motor vehicles.

Itboastswhite-sandedbeaches and transparentsea, withhuesfromlight green to deepblue. Itisreached in twentyminutes by ferryfromChiquila and itsbottoms are fulloffish and whalesharks.

Holbox beach.


Let's move towards the Pacific Coast of Mexico to Acapulco, a lively seaside town famous for its nightlife.

But there are not only clubs and discoes in Acapulco, there are also some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, including Revolcadero, popular with surfers due to its high waves, Condesa, Pia de La Cuesta, where you can see breath- taking sunsets, Honda, Langosta and many more.

Acapulco beach in Mexico.

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a very popular destination for surfers, gathering annually in Playa Zicatela for a famous surf championship.

In the state of Oaxaca, this town on the Pacific Coast offers jagged rocky shores with quaint bays and hidden coves.

Puerto Escondido beach.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a lively seaside town in Baja California Sur, with wild rocky beaches.

The most picturesque is Playa del Amor, in front of which the waters of the Pacific Ocean flow into the Sea of Cortés. There is a cave on the beach and a local legend says that if you make a wish here it is bound to come true. This is why it is regarded as the most romantic beach in Mexico. In the waters of Cabo San Lucas you will also find a quaint rocky formation called El Arco, an arch naturally dug from the cliff. It is a spectacular view from a boat!

A beach in Cabo San Lucas.

La Paz

La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur and is also a lively tourist destination.

For those who want to avoid crowds and equipped beaches and head to wild bays instead, 12 km from the city there is Balandra Beach, where nature has surpassed itself. This stretch of coast overlooking the multi-colored sea is punctuated by cactuses and surrounded by dunes, populated by pelicans and other wildlife. Really a must-see destination!

Balandra Beach near La Paz.

Did we just make you want to leave? Create your own tailormade Mexico tour with seaside extension in one of your favourite beaches with the help of our local travel experts: it's quick and easy!

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