Beyond tacos: the real Mexican cuisine

September 18, 2019

Mexico is a continuous surprise if you love to eat and try something new every time. You can find street food and bars that serve tacos, quesadillas, tortas and more.

Ingredients for Mexican tacos

Mexican cuisine was listed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco in 2010. Mexico boasts its own cuisine, very different from the one of the other countries, but very similar to the famous American tex mex. Contrary to your expectations it is not too spicy: only dressings, such as sauces, are spicier.

Mexico will surprise those who love tasting new foods. It is possible to find street food stands in every corner selling traditional dishes such as tacos and quesadillas. You won't be disappointed if you love tasting different and delicious courses spending only few pesos.

Furthermore, Mexican people love eating, this is why they eat at every hour: this is why it is not difficult to find a restaurant or a fast food where to sit down in the late evening.

If you want to live a unique experience as you were a native, you have to taste some specialities served in the small restaurants and stands.

Typical food in Mexico
Ingredients for the perfect Mexican taco.

La Comida Callejera: Mexican street food

Street food culture is strongly present in Mexico: every street or square is studded by stands serving local specialities. From tortas to quesadillas and tacos: it is possible to eat abundantly without spending many pesos.

Street food culture in Mexico is called "comida callejera" and represents the best choice if you want to live a unique experience and taste the real Mexican food.

If you are in Cancun, Parque de Las Palapas is the best place to taste tacos al pastor, tamales and other specialities. It is also the meeting point for young and local people, who escape from the hot cities to stay together.

Comida Corrida: traditional food

If you are looking for a place to taste traditional Mexican dishes, you have to search for restaurants with the sign "Comida Corrida". They are often small restaurants with few tables and a fixed menu, which includes a soup, a main dish composed by meat, such as chicken or pork, accompanied by rice and vegetables, also mineral water and tortillas are included. These places are often family run restaurants and they are really typical: you have to try them to believe it!

Antojitos means snack. Mexico is rich in restaurants with this word on their signs. If you see it while you are strolling in Mexican streets do not hesitate: you will surely be in good hands.

Mexican food is really different from what we imagine. A tour to discover the traditional dishes could be an interesting and new way to enjoy the flavors of this country!

El Desayuno: Mexican breakfast

Desayuno means breakfast, it is generally composed by coffe, orange juice and huevos rancheros, scrambled or fried eggs served with a corn tortillas, tomato sauce and frijoles - bean cream.

Chilaquileis another typical dish for breakfast. It is composed by crisp tortillas served with chicken or meat dressed with red or green pepper sauce and covered with cheese. This traditional dish is sometimes completed by an egg.

La Comida: lunch and dinner

La comida (lunch) and la cena (dinner) include different specialities that must be absolutely tried during your holiday in Mexico. Forget your usual courses, but also burritos, that can be easily found in the most touristic bars and restaurants, despite not being a typical Mexican recipe. Mexican food offers a large choice among different dishes, tastes and flavors suitable for every palate.

Three are the main ingredients in this kind of cuisine. Tortilla is used as bread: it is made with corn or wheat flour seared on a plate. Chili peppers are many and have different tastes: some are sweeter than others while some are spicier. Finally, several types of beans, which are served according to the different recipes.

Starting from these three elements it is possible to create a wide range of dishes, from classic to the more elaborated ones. It is impossible to eat all the dishes, but if you are a food lover, you will be surely enraptured by them.

Typical Mexican food.

What to eat in Mexico: typical Mexican dishes

Tacos: Mexican cuisine's base element. They are prepared with meat, fish or vegetables wrapped in a 10/15 cm-diametre tortilla. They are also filled with sauces, lime, onions and coriander - called cilantro in Spanish. It is possible to find them everywhere, in the street food stands where they are sold for few pesos, or in the taquerie, where they are cooked and served in several different ways. The most famous tacos is called Tacos al pastor, it is stuffed with pork's meat cooked as kebab and served with pineapple and onion.

Quesadillas: it is a folded tortilla heated on a plate and filled with cheese. Of course, queso means cheese in Spanish. They are also stuffed with chorizo, courgette flowers, mushrooms, chicken or meat.

Tostadas: fried and crispy tortillas served with many dressings. For example, tostadas de pollo are prepared with chicken, bean cream, salad, onion, avocado and cheese.

Tamales: it is corn pasta filled with meat, fish, cheese and wrapped in a cob's leaf or in a banana.

Tortas: it is a sandwich filled with meat, avocado, lettuce, onions and many sauces. It is possible to find many and many typologies of this sandwich.

Sopes: it is a little corn tortilla, thicker than the usual one. It is cooked on a plate and served with bean cream, sauce, cheese and lettuce.

Ceviche: it is a dish composed by raw fish marinated in lime before being served, a fresh and delicate course.

Chapulines: fried grasshoppers. They are typical in Oaxaca. Walking aroung the market streets it is impossible not to notice this particular dish.

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