Mexico, when to go: useful information on climate and weather

September 17, 2019

What is the best time to organize a trip to Mexico? When to go to Mexico to tour the pyramids of Chichen Itza and the beaches of the Riviera Maya?

Colorful houses in Campeche, Mexico

What is the best time to organize a trip to Mexico? When to go to Mexico to make a tour of the pyramids of Chichen Itza and the beaches of the Mayan Riviera?

Since Mexico stretches for a long distance, the climatic conditions vary greatly from region to region, but let's clarify how to organize a holiday in Mexico.

Pyramid of Tulum in Mexico.
Mayan pyramid in Tulum.

When to go to Mexico

Mexico has a hot humid climate. We can distinguish three climatic areas: the west coast with an arid climate, the rather rainy central highlands and the east coast on the Gulf of Mexico, warm, humid and rainy, with a tropical climate.

The more rainy season is generally summer; whereas winter is the least rainy.

Mexico weather

In the summer, until around October, the rains are abundant, and often turn into hurricanes. From December to April, the climate is favorable and mild in all areas.

Mexico City, the capital, has mild summers with frequent rains and cold winters: the best times to visit are spring and autumn.

In the south areas near the coasts and in Yucatan, temperatures remain high all year round. To make a tour of the archaeological sites, the best period is from November to April. For beach life all months of the year are good, with the exception of the months from May to October when the rains are frequent and sometimes hurricanes can occur.

The coasts overlooking the Gulf of California have a mild and pleasant climate all year round. Baja California Sur has torrid temperatures between July and August, with very low rainfall and in any case concentrated between August and September.

Hurricanes in Mexico

One aspect to consider when organizing a trip to Mexico is the risk of hurricanes, which also come down with violence on the country especially on the coasts.

Both coasts are exposed to the risk of cyclones and hurricanes, as they are subject to heavy rainfall in both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The most risky months are those from June to November, with greater probability of risk between August and October: this is the period to avoid in Mexico.

Cancun: when to go

Cancun, a renowned beach town on the Mayan Riviera, has a typically tropical climate, with a rainy and muggy season from May to October, and a drier season from November to April. Average temperatures settle at around 24-25 degrees throughout the year.

The wettest month is September, while the least rainy months are March and April. Hurricanes can occur from June to November, especially between August and October, months to be avoided.

When to go to Cancun then? The best period is from March to May, when the weather is warm and not excessively rainy.

Cancun coastline.

Mexico pyramids: when to go

If what interests you most about a trip to Mexico is the opportunity to visit the Mayan pyramids of Yucatan and Chiapas, from Chichen Itza to Palenque and Uxmal, you must consider a period neither too rainy nor excessively hot to make excursions.

The period between November and February the temperatures in Yucatan are pleasantly cool, ideal for wandering among the archaeological sites.

The period from March to May is instead torrid, while from June to October hurricanes can occur, in addition to very frequent rains.

Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico
Chichen Itza archaeological site

Mexico City: when to go

If during your Mexico tour you want to spend time visiting Mexico City, the capital, consider that the best months are between January and May and between October and December. July and August are extremely rainy.

From March to June it can be very hot, while January, October, November and December are the coldest, even if the sunshine is excellent.

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