Maldives: tips for choosing the right atoll for you

September 23, 2019

Needless to say, the islands of the Maldives are all fabulous. Palms, long coasts of fine sand and blue sea with transparent water. Among so many gems, which atoll should you choose then?

Resort in Maldives

The islands in Maldives are all fabulous, needless to say. Palm trees, long shores of fine sand and seas with a thousand hues of blue and crystal clear waters. So, which atoll should you choose, among so many gems?

There some aspects to consider, first of all the size of the island, the closeness to the reef and the distance from Malè where the airport is located.

As for the size, if you are looking for peace and tranquillity away from the crowds, choose a small atoll, often home to one single resort. If, on the other hand, you are travelling with the whole family and need any possible service and comfort, opt for a larger island with more tourist resorts. Furthermore, the largest atolls offer more opportunities for excursions both in nature and in surrounding local villages.

View of an atoll in Maldives
A small atoll in Maldives.

The atolls close to the reef often change shape depending on the tides, offering smaller beaches, but, on the other hand, offer an easier access to the barrier reef for snorkeling.

Anyway, islands located farther away often boast lagoons where excursions to explore the reef aboard local dhonis (typical Maldivian boats) are arranged.

The distance from Malè atoll and the airport determines the transport means that will be used to reach the resort. After landing, generally you reach the chosen island by speedboat, or, if the atoll is located further away, you travel by seaplane. Of course, the duration and number of transfers affects the cost of the trip.

Typical white beach in Maldives
A white beach in Maldives.

Which are the most beautiful atolls for a holiday then? Among the atolls of North Malé the most beautiful islands include Kanifinolhu, Eriyadu and Helengeli. Those of Malè South include Fihalholi and Bodufinolhu.

If you want to move away from Malè, you can find dream locations in Ari atoll, often considered the most beautiful of all, and Baa Atoll, made up of many islands each with its own coral reef.

There is also Lhaviyani atoll, only 120 km from Malè, that can be reached by seaplane.

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