Why visit Cuba: traditions and craft

September 23, 2019

All the good reasons to visit the beautiful Caribbean island of Cuba, among breathtaking landscapes, craft, food and wine traditions.

Smiling woman in Cuba

Set in the Caribbean Sea, and above all, close to the influential United States, Cuba is an island which tries to maintain its characteristic of being one of the last communist countries of the world.

Thanks to its politic isolation, Cuba is a destination which has been out of mass tourism routes for years, but with the politeness that characterizes the local population it can offer any sort of accomodations and facilities. It is indeed the island of sun, smiles and good company. It is the perfect destination for those who want to smoke a cigar under a palm tree of the beutiful sandy beaches of the island, but also the ideal destination for those who want to party till the early hours of the day.

Cuba is considered a pearl of the Caribbean, where vistors can enjoy unforgettable experiences, among the beautiful beaches of the coast, the streets of Havana, Unesco Heritage and the lush vegetation of the hinterland. Cuba offers a perfect mix for those who want to relax, but also have fun thanks to the many activities that it has to offer.

Woman smoking a cigar in Cuba
The best cigars are produced in Cuba.

Art and culture

Rich in culture, Cuba has 265 museums, 120 art galleries, 70 theaters and 46 art schools. Marked by years of foreign rule and the revolution, the island of Cuba has succeeded in maintaing the characteristic of being one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean from a cultural point of view.

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