Sustainability and travel: how we can have a better environmental impact

January 11, 2022

Modern globetrotters are asking themselves if it's possible to travel in a more sustainable way. We have collected a few tips and ideas to help you reduce your environmental impact.

Mountain landscape with lake

There is a topic regarding tourism that has been steadily growing these last few years: travel sustainability.

What does that mean? And why is it so popular right now?

There are many reasons whytravelling in a more sustainable way has become so important. More and more travelers now understand the importance of preserving and protecting the environment. The threat that global pollution poses to our environment is a very real one.
The latest health emergency has brought even more awareness to sustainability.

Modern globetrotters are now asking themselves if there is a way to travel in a more sustainable way. We have collected a few tips and ideas to help you reduce your environmental impact.

Sustainable hammock in the jungle

Choose eco-friendly accommodations

Not every hotel is made the same.

The rise of eco-friendly hotels has been gaining traction, and it’s easy to understand why. Most of these places can claim to be eco-friendly because they have one or more characteristics that are considered sustainable. For example:

  • The facility is powered by clean energy (such as solar power, wind power, etc.)
  • The facility has a strict plastic free or reduced plastic policy
  • Waste is either recycled or reduced
  • The facility uses mostly natural materials for both the structure and the accommodations, such as using cotton bed sheets, linen, natural wood, etc.
Sustainable hotel

Travel off-peak season

Most people tend to travel during the same period. It’s usually due to national holidays, or because that’s the best period to travel in a certain area.

Take the chance to travel during off-peak season. Even though you might have to adapt to different situations or ask for holiday at work in a different period, you could discover the beauty of your destination under a different light.

Travelling off-peak also means being able to enjoy your visits with less crowds, having more time to enjoy a natural landscape or a museum, and also being less stressed.Most importantly, you can save some money by avoiding peak season.

Man overlooking a lake in the mountains

Avoid travelling by plane

Travel by plane is very fast and comfortable, and low-cost flight companies made this type of transportation easy and affordable.

Despite all the benefits of travelling by plane, it is unfortunately one of the most polluting ways of transportation. Many environmentalists (and most famously Greta Thunberg) have decided to avoid the plane in favor of the train or the bus.

Trains and cars or buses are slower, that’s true. But they give you the opportunity to slow down, and truly enjoy the trip and not just the destination. Many modern trains are equipped with every comfort and thanks to car-sharing, travelling by car can be pretty cheap, too.

Train Deccan Odyssey

Support the local economy

We already know how eating locally can be beneficial to reduce the carbon imprint. The same goes for choosing accommodations, activities and experiences during your trip.

Choose stays, restaurants and activities that are owned by local people. This is especially important in developing countries, as big corporations often offer luxury hotels but hardly contribute to the local economy.

This can be a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the local culture, learn the traditions, the cuisine and make some friends along the way!

Indian woman in traditional clothing

Pack a sustainable luggage

When you pack your luggage, try to choose materials and accessories that are environmentally friendly. For example, use reusable water bottles, reusable cotton pads which you can wash, and so on.

Being eco-friendly in your luggage is very important when you plan to have a camping vacation. Make sure that you use mostly reusable or biodegradable items.

How about hygiene products? There are lots of plastic free alternatives, such as soap bars, shampoo bars, etc. You can also bring your own refillable bottle of product.

Suitcase packing

Choose a Travel Agent that respects the environment

When you’re looking for a new holiday destination, make sure to use websites, travel agencies and other services that care for the environment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about a travel agency’s sustainability policy or check their official website for more information. is a travel platform that supports travel sustainability, is powered by solar panels and aims to offer travelling destinations and experiences for tourists that want to reduce their impact on the planet.