Bali's most beautiful beaches and where to find them

September 25, 2019

Bali, pearl of Indonesia, surely boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, loved by surfers but also perfect for long relaxing walks. Let's find out which are the most interesting!

Bali beautiful sea

One of the most popular destinations in Indonesia is undoubtedly Bali, visited above all for its beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean. Bali is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia, for travelers from all over the world who come here especially on honeymoon.

Resorts, massage centers, luxury hotels with swimming pools and beaches for surfing and other water sports: it is not difficult to understand why this island of Indonesia is so loved by young and old.

Are you leaving for Bali? Here is our selection of the five most beautiful beaches.

1. Seminyak

Seminyak is a holiday resort in South Bali.

Very well equipped with luxury hotels, restaurants and shops, it boasts golden sandy beaches, like Petitenget and Seminyak Beach, where you can surf or have a drink. The nightlife of this area is also lively, a fact that makes it very popular for young western tourists looking for nightlife.

Seminyak beach, Bali, Indonesia
Seminyak beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

2. Lovina

Lovina is a quiet coastal town in North Bali, ideal for those who enjoy diving and snorkelling, as well as dolphin watching.

Much quieter than Seminyak and Kuta, it is suitable for family holidays or honeymooners looking for a little privacy. The sand of Lovina Beach is black, due to the presence of Agung volcano.

Traditional boat in Lovina, Bali, Indonesia
Traditional boat in Lovina, Bali.

3. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a peninsula in south Bali, where luxury hotels and golf courses are located: another very refined destination for honeymooners.

The beach is surrounded by a rich vegetation of exotic plants, which makes it an authentic paradise for those in search of relaxation.

Nusa Dua beach, Bali, Indonesia
The green landscape in Nusa Dua.

4. Sanur

The beach of Sanur is loved by those who practice diving, but also by those who like to take long swims in calm waters.

SanurBeachboastsmanyrestaurants and hotels, althoughitmaintains a relaxed and peacefulatmosphere. Itis a destinationfrequentedmostly by middle-agedEuropeans and families.

Sanur beach in Bali, Indonesia
The long beach in Sanur, Indonesia.

Sea holidays in Bali: when to go

When to go to Bali for some beach life? The island can be visited all year round, although the dry season should be preferred, which runs from April to October, a period in which sunshine is great for enjoying the beaches.

There is the risk of some downpours, but brief and sporadic. In these months the temperatures are around 26 degrees. If you want to know when to go to Bali to visit sites of cultural interest, you can find answers to your questions here.

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